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About me...

I am a self taught artist living in the beautiful South West of Western Australia.

Art is a passion born of a love of the natural world, and much of my inspiration comes from my pets and beloved surroundings. Mostly I work in watercolour but I also have experience in acrylic, oil and sculpture.


While I could easily spend hours painting, I also love spending time with the children I work with in my job as a paediatric nurse. My other pastime is working as a florist, and I love nothing more than being elbow deep in flowers.


I enjoy helping others discover their creative potential, and so I have started holding workshops in my home near the Ferguson Valley.  Please see below for upcoming events!



The aim of these workshops is to give you an opportunity to discover your creative side, while enjoying a friendly and relaxing environment with none of the interruptions of daily life.


Both painting and floristy provide an opportunity (rarely available in our busy lives!) to live in the moment and do a little something for ourselves. You will also learn some of the beginning techniques in all of these arts, and hopefully find that you love them as much as I do!


Please contact me for dates, I can arrange a private event for a minimum of four people.

(Contact details and form on my "Contact" page).

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Please click on the links below to view a PDF showing the theme and pricing.

Acrylic Painting



To really treat yourself make it a weekend and spend a night in the nearby Ferguson Valley; beautiful landscapes and delicious restaurants to get you inspired!

Pastel Florals Cloudy Landscapes Sunny Sunflowers Birds of a Feather Fruity Still Life Beginning Techniques Flower Crowns Handtied Bouquet Winter Table Bright & Happy Florals